Bits of Life

After the Fall and RLS

Posted on: June 6, 2013

I’m paying for stupidity. Leaving a stool out that could trip me. Since I landed directly on my left knee cap, I can barely bend it and my right side is very painful. So I can’t do much bending, twisting or lifting.

I’ve started back eating lots of veggies and apples. The funny thing is that since I read the article about iron, folate and magnesium deficiencies affecting dopamnine production and therefore RLS, I’ve slept fine the last 2 nights. I had been eating an apple before bed and I ran out, but what difference could that make, I thought. 2 nights of sleep!!

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!! And maybe RLS. Several foods that I had stopped eating are on the list of high in magnesium. If this keeps up, they’ll be a staple.

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