Bits of Life

No credit cards

Posted on: May 30, 2013

Having no credit cards makes you think about every financial decision. Like do I renew my Acorn on Line subscription now or wait 2 days till my check arrives. Even if there’s some money in checking. Or do I really need to stop for coffee. Especially, it’s important to think, do I really have to have it right now! Or do I need it at all.

I find the greatest deals at Half Price Books in the clearance section. No point in looking at any other shelves. Gary Larson book for $1, book on LIfe of Spiders (for budding biologist Annalise) $2 since it is hardback and Orchid Thief, $1. There was also a 20% off so the grand total was $3.40!!

Killing time waiting for RLS to go away.

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