Bits of Life

Rain on Memorial Day

Posted on: May 27, 2013

As if I needed another reason to sit and read or write, it is overcast and rainy. Thanks to the sky water! My attempt to keep plants hydrated falls short of what a nice easy rain will do.

Finished Anne Morrow Lindbergh – Her Life by Susan Hertog. It was written several years ago, but I picked it up at a library sale. Quite a story of Anne trying to find herself amidst the way she thought she should be. Although her struggles were difficult, she had money and help, so I’m not sure I feel too sorry for her. Except she was trying to live the life Charles wanted for her. I didn’t like him. Totally narcissistic and now there’s news that he fathered several children in Germany. Those children apparently thought he was wonderful. He’d swoop in and lavish love on them. But in Hertog’s book Charles would swoop in on his American family as dictator to his troops. I’m glad that Anne died before this news.

Keeping in touch with friends via email, facebook. Eating soup for breakfast. I need to go to the store; I’m down to bare bones!

Picked up several titles on book making which I really want to try. I think I need a class of more than one day. I’m getting the impression that most of it is in your creativity and not sure I have what it takes after seeing some of the fabulous creations.

Time for tea!!

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