Bits of Life

Melodious birds

Posted on: May 26, 2013

I’m not sure what bird it is, but it is singing its little heart out and so beautiful. With one window open I’m being treated as if I lived in some remote area.

Speaking of remote. I walked up to Worthington this morning for coffee and OK I knew I’d get breakfast too. On the way, a female deer walked across the 4-lane road. I was startled and I think the driver coming down the hill was also! Like I said you’d think I lived in some remote area.

I had forgotten that Saturday’s mean Farmer’s Market! So many people! I went to Worthington Inn and all outside spots were taken, but inside it was a bit warm. They seated me in the bar area and it was cooler and also empty. I read Stolen Reptiles until my Breakfast Sandwich arrived. It was delicious – scrambled egg and cheddar on a Thomas’ English Muffin. I took the egg and bacon off and ate the muffin later, much too large to shove in my mouth!

Bought a dozen farm fresh eggs so now I need to get muffins or bread for the egg salad.

Watered my plants and worked inside until Jeff called to see if I wanted to go with Annalise and him later. Sure I said and met them at Chipotle, went to Jeni’s ice cream, I was too full. Hit the library and playground. Annalise and Jeff played ponies. The other day her ponies were having babies and they were kicking inside their mom’s!!

Jeff had been gone a few days for work and she said she really missed him when he was gone! So cute.

I came home and surveyed my plants. I noticed that the little plastic lid for my “greenhouse” was missing. I had taken it off to water. But alas it was gone and not just blown into the bushes but taken from my back porch. It was too obvious that it was mine. So I wonder who took it!!! My neighbor is a pain. I was outside the other day and he came to the door to smoke and quickly went back in when he saw me. HMMM! Maybe I should sit outside as much as I can.

Found a bunch of books on making books – I really want to try it. I’m just not sure I have the imagination or creativity that many of these books show. Perhaps if I keep plowing through them, I’ll get ideas.

Tired and I don’t really want to do anything. Cup of tea and maybe a movie – no popcorn though. Not in the mood. Ate too much today.

Helping Kathy with her website. Tis a bit difficult by phone trying to show her how to use WordPress. But I did figure out how to combine 2 photos today!! So one step forward.

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