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Posted on: May 17, 2013

Boy you learn something new everyday! Wandering through news on the internet is so fascinating. Article on Quiverfull as it related to the Duggars led me to other sites about ATI and Gothard. At first I had no idea what they referred to, but finally the name Bill Gothard popped up and I remembered the Bill Gothard conference we attended in Chicago while at Church of the Redeemer. We used the books about Christian qualities especially as it related to the natural world which were very relevant in living a life respecting each other.

Didn’t know he had gone on to espouse having as many children as possible! I started reading some articles which are nothing more than God will like you better if you have more children. Much like, if you give more money, God will like you better. Such a distortion of Christianity.

Heading for a walk before it rains.

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