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Posted on: May 5, 2013

Finished day 2 of my new walking regimen since I’m cutting back my personal trainer to one day a week. Beautiful morning and I walked 45 minutes, my goal was 30 so I feel good about that. I really like it. Other indoor exercise is so boring unless I’m watching something. Outside, I’m watching lots.

Neigborhood is quiet though a scant few blocks from a major road, but with all the trees you can scarce hear them. Regular neighborhood sounds are comforting. Lawn mowers – powered and manual, dogs barking, kids playing and parents disciplining. That never fails to take me back to old memories. I’ve never been fond of public display’s of parental discipline.

It takes me back to about 1958 or 59. We’re visiting my grandparents in Van Nuys, CA prior to relocating to Germany. We were in the audience of “Truth or Consequences” awaiting the opening. My sister and I were seated 2 rows below my brother and mother when I turned to see my mother slap my brother across the face because he wouldn’t move over one seat. I don’t know if he moved or not, but I still feel the mortification of that event.

My father also liked to display his authority more when we were out or with his friends.

So what precipitated this. A family was loaded into a car, grandma in front with dad and 2 kids in the back. As I walked by the father got out of the car and started talking loudly to the son. Shouting louder, child crying, doors opening, slamming, house door opening and the kid screaming. “I do want to go!” Mother was standing by the other side and grandma just stared straight ahead.

I know kids need to be disciplined and parents get upset and can’t always keep it together, but I know how long those memories can last.

Other event on my walk was much more interesting! Wildlife skeleton!! Well, my phone isn’t syncing with my computer, so I can’t put the picture in here. Later, after I visit the T-Mobile store!!

Cleaning out the freezer since I don’t have anything in the frig. A two for one sale on broccoli left me with too much to eat at the time, so I froze one and now making a nice cream of broccoli soup.

Simon’s baseball game today. Annalise’s birthday was yesterday at the pool. I’ll say something about that later. I was so tired last night, I went to sleep early. Had been up since 5 am and went out for my first walk at 8 am yesterday. I hardly have an eye open at that time of the morning, but I’m going to try harder so I can get more accomplished!!

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