Bits of Life

Dreary Day in weather and mind

Posted on: April 24, 2013

Getting ready to go to Arkansas for Lance’s graduation. Having a cup of tea and contemplating my woes! Not enough money, to get through to the end of the month. So frustrating. Maybe I’ll have to find a part-time job.

Got to get rid of the storage unit. Not much left but some big things. 3 footlockers, one was used for toy box, another has stencil address remaining from trip to Japan and the other is without any real remembrance except that it’s been around forever. Craig said he’d like one. Jeff isn’t sure.

Went to shop where my pottery is and I found one piece hiding behind another person’s items. So I moved it. Think I’ll rename my bowls, Rita’s Whacky Bowls. They are a bit odd and not the perfect ones I see everyone else making! But if I sell them for $5 that will be better than nothing and they’ll be out of the house!! Can’t make things and keep them.

It’s raining and I wonder if the games will be postponed tonight. That’s good and bad. We can start earlier, but I’ll have to change the hotel reservation. Won’t make sense to stop in Terre Haute.

Tuesday – I vacuumed the car. Sure wish I could get motivated to do that more often. Love to have one of those new cars with the built in vacuum system. Why didn’t someone think of that earlier.

Annalise was still not in good spirits. She didn’t want to leave Amy. Wrote a letter to Chris to tell her why she didn’t want to go to school She said she missed her mom 1,000,000 %. Gave it to Chris, so they were prepared. Then at school she was on and off grumpy. When I picked her up she told me to go away and have Mom pick her up. After much conversation with Chris, she wrote a letter to Mom expressing how she felt. But wadded it up before getting home. She perked up when I said we could stop at Wendy’s. She wanted to eat there and we stayed quite a while playing Would you Rather. A TV was on DR. Oz showing how to do CPR. So we had a few conversations about that.

At Wendy’s she went in the bathroom by herself and then I heard a scream. I went and she said she pushed on the soap dispenser too hard and got her thumb caught. While I was checking it out, she told me to leave because she needed privacy! Since we are a frequent visitor to Wendy’s I know the cashier. I told her I have a 16 year old in menopause masquerading as a 6 year old!!

I played shopkeeper when we got home. So I guess I was an OK person by then.

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