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Getting busy!

Posted on: February 23, 2013

Had my 2nd cup of tea.  Time to get going.  Folding clothes finishing up basement.  Then I’ll start on the upstairs “ROOM”.

Searched for singing Christmas animals in Amy and Jeff’s storage.  So thankful we found them.  Annalise was having a grand time when I left for workout.

Working on basement.  My back gets so tired I have to take a break often!

Annalise wanted to know what brink and precipice mean.  Simon used to do that.  Adding words to their brain dictionary!!

Simon off snowboarding today!  He films and edits for his Youtube channel.

Yesterday, Annalise was filming with her mom’s camera and Simon said he could put it on Youtube but she’d need her own email.  She squealed – yea, I have my own email!!

Went back over to play ponies and stuffed singing animals with Annalise.

Planned to make beet soup and it turned out the beef broth had wheat in it so Amy and Annalise didn’t try it.  I’ll get some beets and try again.  I didn’t eat it, felt bad, so I brought it home.

Had carrot and apple juice – Annalise likes putting the food in the juicer!!  Tasty.

More later

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