Bits of Life

Guilty pleasure

Posted on: January 4, 2013

Why should I feel so guilty about sleeping in till 9, drifting in and out of slumber, and getting out of bed at 10? Because it goes against ever fiber of my upbringing.  Raised in a military family by parents on the go from morn til night, it seems a sacrilige.  My aging mother at 80 still got up at 6:30 to follow her routine of making coffee, reading the newspaper and heading off to church by 8 am.  I asked why she didn’t sleep in and she’d always reply that if she did, she felt she wasted the whole day.

Well, I just can’t do that anymore.  My day is a bit cockeyed, but I get lots done, just not before the cock crows.

So why do I feel guilty every morning when I sit down with my computer “newspaper” and tea at 10?  I’ll have to work on it.

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