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Where does time go??

Posted on: December 24, 2012

Everyone asks that!!  No one has the answer!  Getting ready for Christmas.  All purchases are wrapped. Bought several through Amazon with free shipping.  That’s really the only way to go.   I even made up a Christmas letter and it has been sent – before Christmas.  Haven’t baked any cookies yet!  Maybe tomorrow.  Oh, I haven’t decorated at all!!!  Took 2 of my musical Christmas animals to Annalise and they about drove Amy and I crazy.  She’d make them sing at the same time and of course they don’t sing the same songs.  Can’t find the other ones yet which is probably a good thing.

STILL going through the house tossing and boxing for someone.  One for Craig, one for the IAA conference auction and several for Volunteers of America.

The past week  – worked out, spent time playing with the kids.  Took Simon to OSU for skateboarding.  Oh, and there was enough snow last Saturday for the first day of snowboarding.

Annalise spent a day and a half asking for her Christmas box.  She new they had gone Christmas shopping and she was relentless.  Nothing would make her stop.  Finally fell asleep about 6 and woke up after her “nap”.  This however meant she was up until 1:30 am.  Probably with Jeff.

Watched “Christmas Vacation” – so funny.

I really should write every day.  Everything is a blur.

Blood sugar was 127 this morning.  No surprise since I had 2 small baklavas  before going to bed.  However, the morning  it was 99 but I had an apple and peanut butter fefore going to bed.  Just a little extra sugar and then going to bed quickly will change the way the sugar works in your body.

Watching “Death at a Funeral” with some of favorite British actors.  It is really funny!!

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