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In a self induced funk!

Posted on: October 23, 2012

Ok, I asked for it.  I decided to look up my ex husbands name on the internet.  Primarily to see if he goes to a church where he lives and I was going to write the pastor and tell him the truth.  But I happened upon several Comments to an Opinion page where he lives.  The more I read I got so upset for I found out he had been in Indiana in September, just 3 hours away from his oldest son and family whom he hasn’t seen in 5 years.

The comment on the Opinion page indicated that my ex had sent post cards to the newspaper columnist from all the baseball parks in Indiana.  He hasn’t spoken to his grandchildren in 5 years.

You’d think I could let go of this, since it was over 20 years ago, but when your 5 yo granddaughter asks where her grandfather lives and then wants to go visit, it REALLY riles me.

I need to go crochet and watch “Crackers”!!  AUGH!!  How can a person be so awful!!  My heart aches for my sons and their families because this jerk has left their life for no reason what so ever except pure and unadulterated selfishness.

Of course I could rant on and on about the things he did during our marriage, but that only raises my blood pressure!!  No more looking things up on the internet about him.

I did discover that he isn’t facebook friends with his brother or their family.  So that tells something.

Another AUGH and I am off to crochet!!

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