Bits of Life

Restless Leg – Ah to sleep, perchance to dream

Posted on: August 1, 2012

Last night and then tonight.  Don’t care if I dream, just sleep.  This constant feeling of movement in my calves is ….  Hard to know what to say.  It won’t go away.

But, if I get up, make a piece of toast with butter and sugar, then my legs quit jumping.  Of course, I’m sitting up.  I actually have no idea what helps, what aggrevates it.

It’s 12:30.  Trying again.

My arms sometimes get restless as well – like now.  When I used to play solitare, it got so bad I couldn’t play.

I just know that between the leg crazies and a craving for something sweet, I have to get up and eat.

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