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Sleepless night!

Posted on: July 19, 2012

I really don’t get this insomnia stuff!!  It’s not my legs this time.  That’s a bonus.  So what’s going on.  Going gluten-free.  I believe it has made a difference.  I have more energy – when I finally get going.   Haven’t had the 2:30 doldrums.  Don’t miss the bread all that much.  I suppose when I’m face to face with a wonderful loaf of bread, that will be different.

However, Amy bought a gluten free cupcake for Annalise to take to a birthday party and I ended up eating it.  Wow was it good.  I think it was made by Pattycake Bakery!  So if that is gluten-free and vegan, I’m in!!

Since I’m up, I had a cup of tea.  Been out for days.  Sure miss my cup of tea.  Think I’ll have another.

So what’s been happening –

Last week – took Simon and Max to SkateNaked.  It was hot out, but the place is in an old warehouse with semi-doors so everything was wide open.  Only 2 other kids there.  I read (Final Days of Romanovs at Ekaterinburg) and watched them skate.

Took Annalise, Max and Simon to Cosi.  Very, very busy.  The guys went off on their own after we went to Ocean and Gadgets.  Max wanted to find an area where there weren’t any people.  I said Fat Chance of that today!!  We went our separate ways – Annalise to Progress and they to the rest of the building.  Progress has to be her favorite place.  I think she could play there all day.  She loves the TV station in Progress.  Funny story.  She was behind the desk reading the teleprompter and 2 teenage girls were watching her.  Suddenly they moved to see the teleprompter, looked at her, back to the prompter and then to me.  “She’s reading those big words and she’s 4!”  It was so funny.   I bet the conversation at their dinner table was interesting that night.

I need to write every day.  Think I’ll pretend that it is my job to write and do as I’ve read other writers do.  They force themselves!

It’s been a full week or more since I wrote.   Highlights –

Tremont Pool – so nice.  Small, old and less frills makes it a perfect place.  There’s actually shade.  Shade from trees and from canopies over chaise lounges.  Comfortable and not a ton of people.  And Bonus – Only $5.  Amy, Simon Annalise and I went for a couple hours.  Annalise fell asleep after spending an intense time bobbing up and down out of the water.  Swimming, sommersaulting.  Simon can beat me in a race across the pool.  It was only a matter of time.  He speeds up and I slow down.

ZPizza – picked up Annalise for lunch.  She loves to eat out.  Used to be Chipotle, Panera and Noodles.  Now since ZPizza has gluten free, that has become an alternative.  Surprisingly the pizza is delicious.  Since I’m going gluten free also.  Read a few websites that link gluten to RLS.  Who knows, but Hey, I’d try anything to stop those feelings.

Funny stories – I’m letting my hair grow and now it’s in the toddler/pre-teen stage of doing what it wants!  I wanted to find a head band or something.  Annalise was with me so I thought she’d want something for her hair.  I pointed out a set of stretchy head bands and she called them “lame”.

Cleaning out – Put a few items on Craig’s list – sold one cabinet, Oliver typewriter and to my astonishment, the wooden camera tripod.  After a few days, I took the rest off Craig’s list, removed them from my living room, piled them into my car and headed out hawking my wares like a salesman.  Sir, could I interest you in any of these lovely items!!  One store was closed and the next didn’t want anything, it was hot, Annalise was doing errands with me and I thought, enough is enough, off to Volunteers of America I went. Voila, car empty and living room returning to some sort of openness.  A few things left in the LR and the storage shed, but I’ll deal with those after Michigan vacation!


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