Bits of Life

Why is it wrong to be wrong?

Posted on: June 30, 2012

Pride really gets in the way of our common sense.  A recent occurrence – Left a restaurant that when we drove in was on our right.  So wouldn’t you think that when you want to return to your hotel, that you’d take a left when leaving!  Well, not when the “navigator” thinks they know where they are going and won’t listen to anyone, nor turn on the GPS.  I guess there are other words – stubborness, willfullness.  When given the facts, they ignore and demand they are correct.  Two things – the misguided directions took us off into a dark wilderness and not into the bright lights of the city from whence we came. 

So to prove they weren’t wrong, they insisted we drive and drive until after 10 miles they thought perhaps we were going the wrong direction!  Duh!! 

So what’s wrong with being wrong.  I don’t know, it makes you not only look wrong, but silly for not admitting your error. 

We are so weird!!

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