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Table Angels

Posted on: February 24, 2012

One never knows what is going to happen next!  Spent the morning with A and S while mom went to the dentist.  All was going well until A decided she’d lay on her back on the DR table and make table angels.  I protested considering that is where we eat and she protested.  So I said Alright guess it’s time for a time out.  I lifted her and she held on to the table and then chomped down on the edge.  Finally got her off by carrying her to the stairs for time out.  My arm was close to her teeth and she chomped down enough to leave a mark.  We sat for 4 minutes, she cried, asked for mommy.  She tried the table again and I got her off and she decided she’d stand on the arm of the couch announcing that she didn’t want to draw, play or anything.  She only wanted to stand on the couch! 

I sat down to write about the event.  She looked over my shoulder to read it.  Pretty soon we’re drawing about it.  That seems to resolve things in her mind.  Of course when mom got home she had to show what she had done by making table angels. 

We read alot of books and then I went home. 

Worked on the house – hanging pictures, taking pictures and adding items to ETSY, load of laundry. 

Looks like I’ll give the house back to the mortgage company.  Have to quickly get things out of there.  Where to put them???

2 Responses to "Table Angels"

Hey, Reet….what’s your Etsy shop?

It’s called RitasBitsofLife. Right now it’s old Avon bottles and kitchen items, mostly vintage collectibles. I’d like to put photos on there eventually but mostly trying to get rid of those wonderful items I picked up at antique stores. You were probably with me. In fact, remember that 3 legged chair I bought in Knightstown and had to hold between my legs because you were driving the Fiero? That was quite a trip. Well, I also have booth space at an antique mall and that’s where the chair is now!! Poor chair!! Hope it finds a good home!!

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