Bits of Life

Still cold!

Posted on: February 13, 2012

I’m acting like a hermit.  I won’t go out till it warms up!  It’s like I’m punishing the weather – see I won’t leave the house till it’s warmer.  Guess I can’t do that forever, but I really wish I could.

Gotten alot done.  downstairs and in the basement.  Sort of forced to do it since the dryer is coming tomorrow. 

Worked on the Avon bottles, taking pictures and I thought I’d sell them on my web page and use pay pal.  I found it too complicated so I went back to Etsy.  For 20 cents an item, it’s well worth it.

Almost finished the seashell mirror and I like it too much to sell it.  It reminds me of all the walks along the beach.  Now to find a mirror tile for it. 

Reading Hare with the Amber Eyes.  The first 19 chapters are about the family of Jews aquiring expensive items and their lifestyle.  I was so bored with it, I kept moving on to something more interesting.  Now of course is WWI and the beginning of the end for the Jews.

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