Bits of Life

Last Sunday

Posted on: November 18, 2011

Didn’t know if I mentioned what a grand day Annalise and I had on Sunday.  Guess it had not been a particularly good morning for anyone so getting her out of the house was good for everyone!!  We packed a lunch and drove to CMA.  The Art Museum has a discovery room with lots of stations to make mobiles, forts, crazy animals, stack plates, and play with clay. While building the fort, Annalise made a friend.  To which Amy would say, of course you did!!   She ran from item to item.

We toured the museum which could be a problem except the staff have games or set out items such as aluminum foil for everyone to express themselves.  We had our snack in an area where the vending machines used to be and a woman sat at our table and stared at me.  I couldn’t figure it out until we walked to another section where they had moved the vending machines.  I guess that’s what her deep penetrating stares were about, but I was clueless.  If it had been a man I would have thought he was trying to pick me up.  I would have ignored that as well.

To the side of the museum is a walled courtyard with sculptures and it’s ok to run.  Next was the usual trip to Wendy’s for fries and a Frosty.  The trip down High St.  was unusually quiet.  I suspected she was falling asleep and when getting to my house, she was fast asleep.  I took her into the house and laid her down on the couch.  She slept a couple hours, woke up very friendly and we headed for the last phase of the day – Panera for soup and Jeni’s for dessert.

About this time my throat was really killing me and chicken soup sounded so good.  Then followed by cold ice cream, yumm, it made a great finish!!

Jeff and Amy had a date night at home.  Simon had gone skateboarding and now was at Max’s.

Very fun day!!!

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