Bits of Life

Tuesday with the Princess

Posted on: November 3, 2011

Picked up Princess at 10 for gymnastics class.  Went to Panera for lunch.  Met Dena and Bill at Antique Mall around 1:00.  She fell asleep on the way up.  Went inside while new items were carried in.  She didn’t want to go, but I suggested that we couldn’t go to Jeni’s if she didn’t behave.  So things changed.

As we went home she gave me driving instructions to go past Giant Eagle and into the city.  I thought she was kidding, so I started heading home and she got upset.  I figured what the heck we’ll drive into Columbus, it didn’t really matter.  She said she wanted to go somewhere, but not somewhere “messy”.  I suggested Goodwill or VofA.  By then I realized she wanted to go to Target.  She said she wanted to find a small toy.  Well, I don’t think they exist.  She pondered and pondered through the Princess/Barbie aisle but couldn’t find anything.  I said we had to leave in 20 minutes – set my alarm, but that didn’t work well.  She was very frustrated she couldn’t find anything.  Started crying and running – I think she’s going to be a sprinter!!  Ran from the front and hid in the kids clothing.  I could tell easily where she was because people kept looking and saying things – like I hope she’s not lost.  Then she ran towards the gift card area.  I could see all types of looks – someone should smack her bottom, boy she’s really tired, my children will never act that way – you know what I mean.  She settled into the wrapping paper aisle and decided she could buy a roll of brightly dotted paper and that would work.  She likes wrapping presents for herself!!

By the time our day was over, we had been out for 7 hours!!  What a day full of highs and lows!!

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