Bits of Life

Saturday, Saturday

Posted on: October 15, 2011

Oh, the past week – Took Princess Annalise to school, played at the playground.  It is so difficult for a Princess in Cinderella dress to climb up the rope ladder, but she persevers.  Told me she wasn’t playing with boys, only girls. Picked up tomato soup and bread plus 2 birthday cookies at Panera.

So so verbal – uses big words for a 4 year old.  Got angry yesterday because she couldn’t find Jasmine so she tried very hard to hurt herself.  Dropped a chair leg on her hand and then hit herself in the head with Bob the Builder ice pack which was thawed.

Washing machine repaired.  It doesn’t spin dry like it is supposed to.  It was not balanced either.  So much for the Sears delivery guy.  I hope they send me a review form to fill out.

Going to Babushka tonight for my birthday and then a sleepover – requested by Annalise.

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