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Beautiful full day and I wish I had a Diet Dr. Pepper~

Posted on: October 8, 2011

Attended SYC Parent breakfast – didn’t know what to take so I looked in the frig to find a dozen eggs.  Voila – hard boil them!!  And what isn’t eaten I can fring home for egg salad.  Much to my surprise, 1 egg was left.  So that became dinner!

Clay class after breakfast.  Continued working on my leaf.  It is quite an experiment.  Need one more week to work on it before glazing.  Had to leave early to pick up Annalise (almost forgot) and drop her off and pick up Simon for the next leg of our day.

OSU campus tree inventory – what an interesting exercise.  We were late but it didn’t matter, they were late and then it got worse.  They were to spend 10 min teaching some folks about the i-Tree so they could enter our data.  Well, 1 hour later, they appeared and we had to form our groups and get maps of our prescribed section.  Simon was such a trooper for all the waiting.  Finally got started only to have the GPS unit fail on us.  After awhile we moved along to find some interesting trees – Turkish filbert- 2 of 8 had died from lousy planting spaces.  Trident maple with a twist – called Painted Maple.  Merrill magnolia and then finally something common – red oak.  We and Simon discussed the various merits of the trees to give it a condition rating.  Simon got right in there to give his point of view.  He identified a catalpa across the way and one of our group (LA) heard him and complimented him on it.

We ran across High to get fries and something to drink and use the bathroom.  Then rejoined the group measuring serviceberry’s multiple multiple stems!  I’ll be going back tomorrow but I think Simon had enough.

Dropped Simon off and watched a couple episodes of Malcom in the Middle – very funny show!

Found a new detective show with Peter Davidson – “The Last Detective”.  Quite good!

May have to breakdown and buy some Diet Dr. Pepper!  I love the fizzy!



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