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Posted on: September 6, 2011

Wow, can’t believe it has been such a long time since I wrote.  I’ve been totally beat lately!  I’ll work backwards and see what happens!!

Today is Sept 5 – Labor Day!  3 day weekend, but what would I know, I’m retired!  Drove to Powell this morning to take more items to my booth at Liberty Antique Mall.

To Dena and Bill’s for family dinner!

Sunday – I’ve been eating a pretty big breakfast – at least for me – 2 fried eggs over medium with bacon that I had frozen.  So simple.  Cook it all at one time, toss it in the freezer and remove a couple pieces when you need it.  Since the bacon gets all mushed with the eggs, it doesn’t need to be freshly cooked!!  Went to Antique Mall and back to the house.  Around 5 I went to Amy and Jeff’s to take the kids to the movie.  Annalise had had a bad afternoon of screaming and being mean so she was having a nap.  Later I took Simon, Max and Annalise to see Kung Fu Panda 2.  It was pretty funny.  After about an hour Annalise announced she was done!  So we went to the lobby to wait.  She played in the arcade room, sitting on the motorcycle and driving a racecar – with her imagination since I didn’t put any money in.  Was going to have our pictures taken in those machines, but they cost $5!  So much fun has been taken out of life due to high costs.  After the movie we went to Graeter’s.  Probably not a good idea because the boys had eaten a box of popcorn and Annalise had snacked during the movie.  Everyone got ice cream, but Annalise promptly gave hers to me while she went off to the playroom.  So I had a bowl of mocha and black rasberry chocolate chip added to it.  Then Simon decided his was too big and he didn’t want it.  So my decision!!!  which one to eat and which to take back albeit slightly melted.  I chose to eat Simon’s since the other 2 were safely within the cup.

They all played in the playroom and when it came time to go home, Annalise would have none of that.  She liked where she was!  She climbed up the ladder into a place I couldn’t get her!  So I called Jeff to talk her down!!  She told him she was having troubles cause she didn’t want to leave.  Once I had her down I sort of carried her to the benches and told her how smelly her feet were and then she started laughing.  Still didn’t want to leave but she was suitably calmed down.  Max and Simon were just fine!!!

Saturday – SO HOT!!!  Went up to Liberty Antique Mall to pay for the booth.  There was a plan to attend St. Michael’s Festival that night, but went swimming instead!!  Great choice I thought! Spent the day getting things ready to go to booth.  Takes forever to look things up and record them.

Friday – SO HOT!!  Took Simon and Annalise to COSI!  Got there around noon and left at 4:30.  Went to Space, Gadgets, Progress, Ocean and Kids Space.  We were in the elevator and a woman said they were going to Kid Land and Annalise said it’s Kids Space.

Saturday –

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