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Vivid realistic dream

Posted on: August 13, 2011

I seldom dream or at least I can not remember them.  But over the last week I’ve had very vivid dreams.  One is particularly memorable.  I had been to Powell playground with Annalise and the play hill is over run with weeds.  I thought I’d contact the Master Gardeners to see if I could work on that to fulfill my hours.

My dream – I went to the playground and the hill was almost competely stripped.  It seemed that someone had mentioned to the park that there was PI and lots of weeds so they hired an incompetent company to deal with it.  Well, they took off most of the ground and removed some of the shell that held it all together.  So I offered to get the inventory of what had been planted there and replant for a fee.  So realistic and vivid.

I was out of Lexapro for a week and I wonder if that had anything to do with it!!

I’ll probably remember the other dream.  It was equally vivid.

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