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Return to me!!!!

Posted on: August 8, 2011

I’m back in Ohio.  Boy 2 days of driving is way too much!  Don’t think I’ll do that again.  Next time I visit Arkansas it will be via airplane.  I think it actually wasn’t a bad deal for my back since I wasn’t putting any pressure on my leg until I got out of the car and then it was to lay flat on my back and take drugs!!  I’ll have to start a strengthening routine.  Tired of these old muscles pooping out on me.

Got to Columbus about 5 yesterday and Annalise was getting up from a nap.  She was very excited to see me and I her also!!  I stayed overnight and we were going to have a sleepover in her new room.  So I got the pappazon out and made a bed for us, but she opted  to sleep with mom!  Surprise, Surprise!!

She was going from thing to thing so I took her to Caribou for oatmeal and “cold” water, she informed the clerk.  After that we went to my apt for some surveying of the basement and the dolls.  After a bit she wanted to go someplace she really liked and I suggested the library = Ha!  She said no, but she’ show me how to get there.  I knew she planned on us going to Target.  It was really fun.  She wanted to make a list of gifts she wanted for her birthday.  It’s very soon she says.  So I made a list for her and I bought a Cootie game and 2 grabbers.  She used it to do useful things like pick up i tems and can you guess what “he shall be nameless” used them for – nose grabbers!  What another surprise.

Nikki came for a visit and I was going to leave shortly after she got there, but Annalise was so sad, so Nikki, Annalise and I played a game of Cootie = Annalise won fair and square although she wanted to lay down the dice on the number she needed, but we made her shake the dice.  Thought it might be a good idea to use 2 dice so as not to frustrate or prolong the game unnecessarily.    I left after that and it was OK with Annalise.

Dena and Bill have officially moved to Columbus and Dena doesn’t seem to have much regret about moving from the house they had for so many years.  They’ve been preparing for a couple years so she probably got it out of her system long ago.


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