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Posted on: July 15, 2011

Couldn’t sleep last night and it was the first time in 4 days that I didn’t have a bowl of raisin bran before bed.  Seems a coincidence, but….

Since I was up I watched a couple movies – Wedding – pretty crazy satire on weddings.  The 4 Seasons – story about friends and changing relationships.  Both had Carol Burnett always funny.  4 Seasons had Alan Alda who wrote it and I always feel he gives himself the biggest lines and best parts.  He’s larger than life on the screen, he must have had Broadway training because everything is BIG.

The best movie was Gosford Park.  Wonderful cast and great story line.

By the end, it was around 3 and I slept till 9.  Was to go to Sheila Richards – potential house sit – and decided not to go until she called and said she was leaving next Tuesday.  I arranged to meet her at 3.  Quite a trip over – I took the path least travelled, primarily because it isn’t paved.  I think there’s a lesson here.  The path was rocky, bumpy and narrow.  Without my trusty GPS, I would have thought I was lost.  She lives off another rocky road, tucked back into the woods.  There are neighbors, but can hardly see them.  House was a small 2 story, oozing with art.  Some she’s made and others she’s acquired.  Beautiful surroundings and 1 tiny cat to take care of.  She mentioned she’d been swimming and since I hadn’t seen a town with a pool, I wondered where.  Turns out it’s a spring fed swimming hole.  You don’t think these delights still exist.

Headed home after a fashion, I was going south instead of north.  I need a compass!

Took our walk and found another turtle or the same one who moved across the field.  I didn’t move it this time but tomorrow I’ll see if she’s laid eggs.

After the walk watered the trees.  Also removed mulch from the bark and Bermuda grass smothering the stems.  I’m going to purchase Grass B Gone tomorrow.

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