Bits of Life

Tulsa and Nurnberg Friends

Posted on: July 14, 2011

Drove to Tulsa for lunch with Nurnberg friends.  First time Darlene and Roscoe had seen each other since high school.  Had a great German lunch!  Sauerkraut soup was especially good.

I did my usual of not having any money for the toll roads so I drove on 47 which paralled Creek Turnpike.  Finally had to get on and the last booth was just .25, but I only had 10 cents. On the way back I borrowed $4 from Darlene, but  the first toll gate wanted cash only, so I ran the toll booth.  At the last booth there was at long last a person!!  So I confessed my running of the booths and paid my legal fees to the state of Oklahoma!

Had yummy yogurt at Peach Wave!!

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