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Housesitting in West Fork

Posted on: July 5, 2011

First night alone.  Drove Reed to the airport around noon.  Wildlife of all kinds – deer birds.  Tomorrow I’ll start a photographic collection.

Tis tomorrow and decided not to start an additional post.  Slept in – felt so good, but I rolled out of bed around 8:30, fixed coffee and cereal.  Read paper and realized that the longer I delayed taking Rex for a walk, the hotter is would be.  It was about 10 and the thermometer on the table indicated it was 31 C.  Not sure what that is, but I know it is warm.  Before the walk I loaded up the birdfeeders and bird bath.  Gave Rex his breakfast and then we headed out with a pocketfull of treats and the walking stick.  Down by the pond, the mallards were setting under a large oak.  Smart ducks!  Rex made a slight run for them, but returned when I said- “No!”.  Half way round the pond, a large fish splashed in the shallow end and turned up a large amount of mud.  The ducks headed straight for it, I expect it also stirs up bugs which the ducks are happy about.

Skyped Simon and Annalise, but the audio wasn’t great.  It was fun but Simon got frustrated.  I walked them around the house and showed them Rex.

Had lunch and am planning an hour session of French, then get my projects out of the car to see what I can work on.

Not sure when I’ll be going back to Greenwood.  Called Kay and will see her next week.  Will be getting over to Oklahoma soon.

On to French now.

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