Bits of Life

Nurnberg HS Reunion

Posted on: June 16, 2011

Finally I’m here!!  Only a couple missteps.  Rose drove me to the airport early.  I couldn’t check in online which worried me, then the clerk couldn’t book me through to Boise.  She said, did you change your date to the 16th???  I sighed internally and said I had had lots of problems with the airline changing my date, etc, etc!!  After a few phone calls, I was able to move on through security.  Almost had my nearly empty tube of toothpaste taken but they relented and let me on.  Size does matter!!  Quantity does not!

I had been investigating RLS and dramimine.  With much trepidation, I decided not to take it.  Of course the first bump sent my stomach and head reeling.  I assumed my position – head bent to the side – fooling my inner ear into thinking I am laying down.  It actually does work.

I was rejoicing because no RLS was showing up on the leg (no pun intended) from Indy to Denver.  However, from Denver to Boise it started.  I had to get up and walk the aisle a couple of times.  They gave us chocolate chip cookies as treats and shortly after that, a walk down the aisle and a cup of coffee the restlessness suddenly ceased.

Jim Farrell picked me up at the Boise Airport.  Plane was only 30 minutes late.  Such a dear since it was near midnight.

Oh and of course I have one more hotel issue – it seems I was not to check in until tomorrow.  I was sure I said the 15th.  Thankfully the gentleman at the desk was able to extend my time and give me the room I was to have starting tomorrow!  HOw do I do that!!  It seems it happens so often that it must be me!  I don’t know what to do.  Perhaps I have to figure out a way to double check myself.

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