Bits of Life

Saturday that I thought was Sunday

Posted on: June 12, 2011

I thought it quite strange that the mailman delivered mail on Sunday, but that didn’t budge my continued belief that today was Sunday.  I cleaned out the car = more = and decided to get rid of the armload of magazines.  So I drove to Whetstone to drop them off and the door was locked.  Some other folks were also there and read the sign that said Closed on Saturday.  So I said – I guess they’re closed on Saturday and Sunday, cause today is Sunday and the folks said No it’s Saturday.  I said Really!!!  They must have thought I was really weird!!  I dropped the magazines off at Vol of America.

I have Buffalo Pottery from Miller’s Fish Restaurant which I don’t need and then I have Crown Pottery bowls to sell.  I needed to find out the value, but the library didn’t have general pottery info books.  Finally found them on line.  Think I’ll try selling on Etsy.  I’m scanning lots of old books, magazines, etc to add to page.  Of course I’ll be gone if anyone decides to purchase.  It’s worth a try.

To get a bit of exercise I walked to Tim Horton’s for iced coffee.  Not bad and cheaper.  Read Bill Bryson’s Lost Continent.  He really cracks me up!  I over heard a patron say that the Pamlico Race was terrible.  Horses ran into each other and nearly knocked jockeys off.  I need to check it out online.

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