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Hot, Hot, Hot

Posted on: June 9, 2011

It takes your breath away!  Don’t want to step outside.  Sent info to attorney regarding the contract for 100 N. College.  Hope, Hope, Hope that it works out.  My finances are in shambles since the tax payment.

Spent time with Annalise after they were at High Banks.  She played Elmo games and said she was very good at them.  Found all the pictures that started with a certain letter and high-fived me when she got them all.  One of the games was called Exploration Earth and she said “Explore….”  Then I helped her with the rest of it and I expect that next time she’ll be able to recognize Exploration and Earth.

It had been a hot day and I suggested going swimming, but she was not interested.  I think she was tired.  We watched her new favorite show – Strawberry Shortcake.

Her sparkly fairies are missing but she said she’d find them cause she’s good at finding.

Simon went to friends and he and Jeff went to see the Clippers.

I finished up Dad’s scrapbook tonight.  Wow that was interesting!!  But I feel an accomplishment now that it is done.

Also, feeling a need to get rid of more items and hopefully sell them!!  Think I’ll go down to the Antique store tomorrow to see if I can put things on consignment!  Can’t afford a booth of my own.

To sleep, to sleep, perchance to dream!

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