Bits of Life

Suddenly depressed

Posted on: June 7, 2011

I guess the fact that you have no money and you owe alot only seems to make one dwell in the depths.  Not too far yet, but I do feel a bit forlorn!

But I shouldn’t feel that bad.  Annalise and Simon were here today so Amy could do what she wanted to do at home or whatever.  Everything went fine until I’m working on math with Simon, I hear Annalise crying and I go to the bathroom door where she was and her lip is bleeding and she has blood on her arm.  Right away I know she tried to shave herself.  I had left 2 razors on the sink.  I went through the house hiding hammers and other implements but forgot the razor!!  I got ice cubes and put them in a wash rag for her to suck on.  It got better but every once in a while I’d have to get more ice.  Simon did well on his math.

We read books, watercolored, watched a movie, made silly faces with magnet face, played with my dolls – glass and stuffed.  Might as well play with them.  One doll on an appraisal list said it is worth $75 so I put that one away.  Also played with glass tea set.  I think I’ll check out the doll again.

Going to watch House and then enter more Etsy items.  Sure wish I’d sell one.  Cost .20 each time I up load one.

I’m beginning to act like Mom.  She tried selling all kinds of things to make money to live on. Welcome to my world!

The people gave me their credit application but I don’t know for sure where to have it run.

My back aches – haven’t taken enough aspirin today

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