Bits of Life

Tax Woes, Woes!

Posted on: April 19, 2011

Wow, I have to remember how much I paid for home improvements on the BB house for all time!!!

Yikes!  I’m pretty sure I threw out anything to do with the house before I packed things up!  I didn’t think about needing them for capital gains!  Don’t know why I didn’t.  Guess that’s why you pay someone to do your taxes.  CRAP!!

Stayed overnight at Amy and Jeff’s.  It was about 9:30 when when Annalise’s party broke up so I just stayed.  Got up about 9 am.  Played fairies with Annalise, watched Wonder Pets, played candyland until the fairies took over the land. 

The kinect isn’t such a bad thing.  She and I did the 20,000 leaks and a river cruise and a roller coaster type, where you had to duck, jump, or move side to side to avoid barriers.  It was a pretty good workout. 

Then we did a dance battle on Dance Central and watched Tangled.  It is so cute!!

Took Simon over to Worthington Skate Park to be with Gabo, but there were too many big kids so detoured to Selby for awhile. 

Picked up my laundry at A and J and waited for A to wake up.  Taught Simon how to do a Cryptoquote and a Jumble.  He seemed to like it.

Poor thing – when he gets nervous, he starts tearing things apart.  I forget now what A asked him but he started taking the braid out of Annalise’s new doll.  Then he wanted to brush her hair and restyle it. 

Jeff came home and asked if he wanted to go to a class to learn how to make video games and then he started to pull apart the dolls legs.  Drives me crazy.  I understand why he does it, but it is always with Annalise’s things.  He never tears up his own stuff when he gets nervous or upset.  Oh, well!!

Annalise is so cute.  A said she had been feeding a tulip (calling it dulip) with acorns and then she was watering it.  But it died.  Not sure what it really was cause there are several tulips still around.  So cute!!

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