Bits of Life

Yesterday, OOPS!!

Posted on: April 16, 2011

After school, A. wanted to play at the playground.  About 15 after I said we had 10 minutes till we left.  Shortly after ATT called to say he would be at my house in 1/2 hour.  I had forgotten and I couldn’t miss this. 

I told her we needed to leave and of course she didn’t want to.  A bit of a struggle getting her out of the playground cabin, gather up all items (backpack, lunch box, bag of remaining snacks and birthday cookie container) and head to the car.  She of course was screaming.  I said it was time to go, next class was coming in and the other children were leaving.  She said no they aren’t.  She continued to scream.  Flopped down on the road.  Got her to the car and she wouldn’t go in the car seat.  Did the st iff board so I couldn’t get the straps around her.  Then threw herself down in the van.  I must make sure there’s nothing dangerous for her to hit.  Then she went to the back of the van, threw things at me.  I said she couldn’t throw at me.  She moved and laid on the floor in front of her carseat and tried to pick up a clothes bar and I said “What are you going to do with that?.  She said – “Throw it!!”  I took the bar away and she screamed more.  This went on for a while, so I got in the car and turned on the engine.  She said I couldn’t go anywhere because she wasn’t in her seat.   I said I was counting to 5 for her to get in her seat or she could have a time out.  Nothing happened.  I asked if she wanted to go to the grassy area and scream.  She of course said yes, but I countered with then we can go home and she said no.  All the while screaming that she was very angry. 

I’m not sure what triggered the change, but she got in her seat and I gave her the promised blueberry muffin.  Perhaps she was tired of screaming. 

Meanwhile I’m looking at my watch –  time is ticking for the ATT man.  I couldn’t miss him  this time.

Got home OK.  She told Amy she was very angry. 

Could be that the lack of sleep the night before precipitated this outburst.  Told Jeff about it and he said that she did the same thing at the skatepark but after getting home she had been sleeping for a couple hours.

At times like these I think back about what I would have done with Jeff or Craig.  I know I would have been furious and possibly pulled the offending child out of the car and spanked them.  I believe it was probably not the best  answer, but age and patience changes many things. 

Sometimes it’s hard to keep from laughing when A.  does these things.  She’s so verbal about what is going on.   


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