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Yesterday!! I never thought it would get here!

Posted on: April 16, 2011

Finally the internet at my apartment.  As I expected, there was something wrong in the house wiring.  Very easy fix though.  Took longer to initialize the software.  I finally got bored watching the circles tell me it was working!  I went shopping.  Needed to find an Aurora dress and doctor’s kit.  Was successful on both counts!!  For Annalise’s birthday party on Sunday. 

Soccer today, 9:30, in between the rain.  Weather was OK.  A bit cold for my bones.  I keep repeating – when did I get so old.  I can’t hardly bend over to pick things up.  I ache!!  Next week I will join the seniors group so I can use the exercise equipment.  It works out perfect, I deliver Annalise to school and then exercise till I pick her up. 

Moved items around LR yesterday and so I’ll do more today.  I hadn’t heard from Kat about the Colfax house …

Thunder rumbling, I bet that’s the end of soccer this morning. 

…turns out she was in the hospital for a week.  Poor thing she’s had 2 serious hospitals stays since Christmas.

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