Bits of Life

3rd Week in Tulsa

Posted on: March 13, 2011

Attended BookSmart in Tulsa 2nd Anniversary at Dwelling Spaces, a neat Tulsa oriented art and gift shop.  They had a pair of copper and silver earrings that I’d love to buy, but!!!  Drove to Ida Red’s boutique to purchase an “I invented Tulsa” T-shirt, but they didn’t have my size.  Can’t really decide if I need one, but it would help the economy!!

Doggie, Kitty and fish are doing fine.  Dog sure knows where she wants to walk.  Sometimes I can’t get her to go my way.  Heavens she only weighs about 3 lbs how can she make me go where she wants!!  Like the cat, he wants to lay on my chest while I’m in bed typing on the computer keyboard!  Crazy animals!  Oh, wait I think it’s us that’s crazy. 

Made it to Philbrook Museum to see the new Wyeth acquisition and the Streamlined appliances of the 30’s.  Both were wonderful.  Had a great lunch there with Gay.  We both fade at about the same time.  So back in the car we go and head for a Sonic – diet Dr. Pepper with sugar free cherry and lime syrup at 1/2 price Happy Hour!!  Extravagant Fun!!  Then home to put our feet up!

Watched Tim Burton’s Willy Wonka.  I liked it.  Not much different from the first movie.

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