Bits of Life

Family Visit

Posted on: March 7, 2011

Met Craig and family on Friday at the Tulsa zoo.  It looked like a lousy day.  The sky let loose a few raindrops while we walked around the zoo but it was warm.  So few people there that we got front row parking.  When I arrived, Corban, Craig and Katelyn were on the carousel.  Corban just takes it all in.  He was happy to see me, wanted me to carry him to which I happily agreed.  Great time walking and talking, just like Annalise’s princesses. 

Lance was clicking away on his new camera. 

After zoo we drove to hotel, Katelyn, Lance and I played a game of Rummikub while Corban finished his nap.  Pool time was next.  Corban had the cutest outfit- like a styrofoam sandwich with a little boy in the middle.  Water in pool was too cold so we ended up in the hot tub.  Got carry out pizza.  Corban tried on my shoes and nearly fell over among all the other cute things he did.  Had one small melt down, I told him not to play with the mirror on the wall (it came off at the bottom) and he threw himself down and spread out his arms, but that was about it!

Lance read, Katelyn played with a hand held game of some kind!!  Corban and I played!!

When Craig and Loretta came home, the kids and I (minus Corban) went over to the house.  Animals were very accepting.  Watched movies for awhile, I got tired and our festivities closed down around midnight.  Slept in till 9 and watched Avatar cartoon till around 10:30.  Ate at Jimmy’s Egg – yummy!! 

Met Craig, Loretta and Corban at Burlington Coat Factory then hit the next big event- Bass Pro Shop! 

Ate late lunch at Steak and Shake – They left for Arkansas and I headed back to Gaye’s.  Great time!!!

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