Bits of Life

Oscar night

Posted on: February 28, 2011

Sunday night – Started watching the red carpet show at Gaye’s and as it got closer to the bewitching hour, we headed to the Circle Cinema Theater,  an historic landmark in Tulsa, to watch the 83rd Academy Awards.  It is now owned by a non-profit with plans to restore it.  I hadn’t watched the Oscars in a long time, so this was a fun way to do it.  About 100 people attended, which the theater group said was their largest attendance.  Turns out the Circle Cinema is also in its 83rd year.  I’ll be glad to come back to see the renovation. 

The gowns were beautiful with most women tending towards the conservative rather than outlandish.  Good thing Gaye was with me, for I didn’t know many of the people.  Especially the men. 

Gaye and I had watched the King’s Speech and Social Network earlier in the week.  Both were excellent, but I did think King’s Speech should have won. 

Most of the animated and documentary films were unfamiliar to me except for Toy Story 3.  I’d like to see them all.

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