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Arkansas visit

Posted on: February 28, 2011

Got to Greenwood around 11 on Saturday.  So good to see everyone.  Corban took to me pretty quickly.  He raises his arms to be picked up and then points to where he wants to go.  Mostly its to outside.  We walked out back and I put him in the swing, but he wanted out to walk around more.  I gave Lance his 16th birthday gift – new filters (star and macro) for his camera.  Enter pictures here – when I get my camera – left it in Arkansas. 

Headed for Fort Smith, Loretta went to Penny’s, the rest went to a shop for Katelyn to exchange a shirt.  While Craig and Katelyn “discussed” the t-shirts, Lance, Corban and I walked around the mall.

Lunched at La Fiesta!!  Yumm!!

Back at the house we played a few games, watched crazy Jeff Foxworthy hunting video and played with Corban.   

He wanders around lots getting into anything within reach.  Add pictures

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