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Posted on: December 8, 2010

I had a beautiful sweater that was washed and somehow began to come apart.  Looks like it might have been chewed upon, but it was at the bottom of the basket and there were no bits and pieces of it anywhere.  So I assume it just started falling apart.  Not one to see a useless item go unused, I cut it into strips and started braiding it.  I’ve made a delightful pink hot pad.  I was so inspired a few months ago when I looked at my rag bag which consisted of old towels and washcloths.  It was growing too large, yet I hated to throw them away.  So I tore them into strips and voila! another hot pad or braided rug is being born.  I learned you need to keep the strips uniformly the same weight and size.  Although it does give it an interesting look.  Towels tend to fray so the edges are not smooth.  Can’t decide about the look.  I’ll add pictures tomorrow.

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