Bits of Life

Winter of our discontent

Posted on: December 6, 2010

This is definitely the winter I hate!  8 degrees outside and a wind chill below zero.  Windows look like someone etched the glass with beautiful strokes enhancing the reason for the discontent.  I’m not going anywhere today! 

House sale has fallen through.  The repairs they wanted  – electric and plumbing came t o over $17,000 ….. Not going to happen!  I’d like to rent it at least for now so I can move to Columbus. 

What else makes my discontent???  I’m cold!!!  Spilled yogurt on the carpet. 

I guess I’ll continue scanning pictures.  Christine gave me her completed Grandma’s Journal and as I was trying to transcribe it for the family to see, I didn’t get past the family history page.  That sent me on a geneology quest – fun but never ending. is worth the money.  Guess I’ll do a little of each today.

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