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Computers and selling houses

Posted on: December 2, 2010

After I got up this morning I went to “work” on my computer – news, mail, etc.  Suddenly I lost power.  Everything was plugged in, but the power cord wasn’t functioning.  I’m so thankful for the little green light.  At least I know where the problem is.  I fiddled with the cord for quite awhile and decided that for the 2nd time, my Dell cord had fizzled.  I needed to contact my realtor about the house after sending her a message last night. 

I needed food anyway therefore it was an easy decision to get ready for a trek to Best Buy in hopes I could get a new cord.  It snowed last night – wonderful- ha! –

I talked to realtor about the knob and tube (KT) wiring and it seems that the prospective buyers are getting a USDA loan ?? and I’ll have to fix the wiring (KT) if I want to sell the house.  C***!! 

Also got to BB and they don’t sell the Dell cords.  Since this was the 2nd one and I’m going to be paid for the NRCA webpage, I figured I might as well get a new computer.  While they installed the needed software and antivirus software, I ate lunch at Panera, read Skipping Christmas and hung out at BN.     About 1/2 hour after purchasing the computer, I got a call from PEFCU making sure it was my purchase and not a fraud.  Nice to know someone is watching! 

Night night!!

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