Bits of Life

A song by any other name…

Posted on: October 26, 2010

A. makes up words for things and as she reads a story it has a cadence with an occasional word.  It is very cute, funny and priceless.  Songs are the same.  Made up words to accompany her made up song. 

S. has nearly memorized all the cars and makes.  Saw a Lotus today.  I’ve never seen one! 

By any other name it would be called a mortgage!  It is quite possible that the BB house will be sold by the end of October.  Not holding my breath, it would hurt besides. 

Worked on the NRCA website about 2.5 hours today. 

Can’t sleep and it is 3 am.  Hope I’ll just collapse while writing this.  Lids fell, maybe!

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