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Through the eyes of a 3 YO- Priceless!

Posted on: October 22, 2010

To the zoo – reptile house, manatees, aquarium and then to the carousel. I only had a dollar, so we rode 1 time and then we found an ATM in the Congo Court.  Good smells made us hungry so we had a pizza and then went to the Caterpillar playground.  Spent lots of time there.  Sure is a great setup, they can crawl and climb everywhere and you can watch them through the mesh walls.  Next we went to the recycle house.  Played there a long time and spent lots of time climbing on the shelter, food and water sculptures in the front.    Walked over to the petting zoo and found some cute goats to pet.  Had expected to ride 4 times on the carousel, but we never went back .

Our plan was to see the polar bear, but found another playground.  Great part is that there is a rope swing which was new to her and she loved it. 

The gigantic grizzly bears were playing in the water and I was very excited and took lots of pictures, but the Polar Bear playground was much more interesting to her. 

She allowed me a cursory look at the very uninteresting polar bears and wanted to go back to the Polar Bear playground.  I suggested we go back to the Caterpillar PG before it closed.  Alas, when we got there it was locked up for the night. 

She was really getting tired and it was a bit brisk outside; I tried to put her sweater on but she refused but said her hands were cold.  Tried the jacket again then she said “No, because she wasn’t nice.”  I asked what she meant by that and she said “I don’t want to answer that question.”

In the car I asked if she wanted to listen to music or just be quiet (she was really grumpy) and she said “Just be quiet”.  So I said “Ok”  Then she said “Stop talking we’re being quiet”. 

She began to miss her mom and said next time she and mom could go to the zoo and I could do school work with Simon.  Dad could go to work.

A couple other notes – Met Jeff at Polaris Play Place.  She really thought Mom was going to surprise us, so she wasn’t too happy, but after pizza things were better.  We walked around, went up the escalator – for the first time – then we walked past a couple store windows and she made me stop and I saw princess dress up costumes in the next window.  She wouldn’t go any further and covered her eyes and made me cover mine.  At first she didn’t want to go in, I think she was quite overwhelmed with the dressses.  She said next time we can buy one of them. 

Before getting in the car, we saw the full moon!  She’s always so excited to see the moon in all of its phases.  Especially happy when the moon and the sun are out at the same time.

I bought a Princess and the Frog figurine set.  She was so excited.  She carried the bag all the way to the car.  We opened it up and she played all the way home.  Simon got his fidgety hands on the frogs and the firefly and “tried posing them” – they aren’t posable!  So now the firefly doesn’t stand on his stand.  He’s becoming very destructive with his fidgeting.  Actually ever since she got her princesses, he’s pulled the dresses apart usually when he’s in a rage about something.  Takes it out on the little rubber dresses.

Very tired!!

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