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Matagorda Bay TX

Posted on: September 25, 2010

9/20 – arrival
It wasn’t exactly on the 20th, but close. I arrived in Houston on time, went to my Enterprise rental, which by the way was the cheapest daily rate. I may continue using them.

I was to pick up an SUV which I thought was overkill, but for the rate I was happy. The customer rep asked if I wanted an SUV and I said not if I can keep the rate, so I drove off with a Chrysler Sebring. Nice car!!

Getting out of the airport and through Houston was a breeze at 10pm. Signage was good. I called Craig to check on the routes since the Condo rental lady gave such complicated directions, I hoped it would be simpler. Indeed it was. 45 to 610 to 60 or something like that. Go to Wharton and Bay City and over a bridge at Matagorda. That worked out fine. From there it was dark, I mean really dark. With the full moon however, I caught the silhouettes of our condos precisely 5.7 miles from the bridge. The 4 reflectors on the pole were the only sign for our condos. I turned in and wandered around and around. Couldn’t find #50 and to make matters worse, no phone signal. After a couple of tries, I was about ready to head back to find lodging in civilization when I saw a car coming from the condos. I thought it can only be Craig, who else would be out at this time of night. I followed him back to a unit that I had already been to and turned around looking for #50. In the dark, a reflective sign said #305. In the daylight you could see the metal numbers, not at night though!!

Great to be there and to hear the ocean!!

So it was after midnight!!

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