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Something catchy??

Posted on: September 10, 2010

Well, I caught a cold last week and it has finally gone away. Came with mostly a cough and raspy throat.

A. is very good at throwing a ball and catching one also. We played in the living room. I still have good reaction time.

At the dinner table last night, S. and Amy were demonstrating some of the fidgety things kids are doing at Classical Conversations. One was popping your finger in your cheek. We all sat there doing it and A. tried and caught on quickly. She laughed and laughed at what she could do.

She catches on to lots of things very quickly. Now is able to manuever the mouse to play on the PBS site for DW shopping. She had to be torn away from it last night and was crying at the bedroom door to be let out!

Catches on to words and concepts. Seems so much smarter than I remember a 3 yo should be. Maybe I’m a wee bit prejudice!

When she is sad, she wants to go to the doctor. Sometimes she has a headache. However, she’s not afraid to jump from trampoline to chair to chair to floor! Today she figured out how to spin around the handle on the trampoline, like the gymnasts do!!

S. is catching on to math better, especially the word problems which still flummox me! I have to write everything down. Not possible to do it in my head.

So interested in skyscrapers now. I think they will do a unit on them. It will incorporate all sorts of subject matter: math, history, art, science, culture, almost inexhaustible.

Figured out what was wrong with my DVD player = it is broken! Now I need to find another one! Always something isn’t it.

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