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To EAB or Not To EAB

Posted on: August 26, 2010

Went to a neighborhood meeting about EAB in Clintonville.  DNR urban forestry and agriculture were represented.  Quite a good public showing and a very inspired homeowner.  She has taken it upon herself to research the process of treating for emerald ash borer and as our new information age reveals, you can find anything on the internet.  She advocates using a 21% solution of Imidicloprid and will begin treating the trees with a force of volunteers in October.  I questioned the label and she was unaware of it. 

Turns out due to some very vague wording “Professional Use Only”  which is not defined by the regulators, it can be used by homeowners in Ohio, but not in Indiana. 

Simon and I traversed N. Broadway from High to Indianola, inspecting all the ash.  Two were dead with the bark falling off, but no evidence of the s-shaped galleries.  Likely they died from something else.  We saw 2 with D shaped exit holes and split bark.

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