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Do Dogs and Animals Rule Society?

Posted on: August 23, 2010

Have we lost our collective minds?  Simon (8 yo) and I went into a used book store today and a large German shepard began to run, bark and look-like attack Simon.  The person at the counter quickly grabbed its leash and said, “I thought she was gone.”  I proceeded to yell – no apology for that – “that dog has to get out of this store”.  A woman in back had the dog and since I was standing in front of the “only” door, she insisted it was leaving.  I said is there a back door and she said yes. 

Then a woman said, “Do you know whose dog that is?”  As if that wiped everything away.  I replied, “I don’t care whose dog it is, it just attacked my grandson.”  She replied “that is the owner’s dog and it wouldn’t hurt anyone!”  I turned to the man at the counter and said, “You saw that.”  To which he said yes. 

I walked out the door – without any purchases that we had planned – and saw a woman salute me.  I turned back in and said, “Did that mean I’m a bitch” and she said, “No, a hag”. 

So the fact that this unknown dog attacked an 8-yo in a business establishment didn’t matter to them. 

Everyone is to trust every dog, bear, chimp or any wild animal because someone said “it won’t hurt anyone”. 

I have plastered this incident to Facebook, Review of Book store and the Franklin County Animal Welfare website.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears.

I’m really beginning to dislike dogs because their owners are so stupid!!

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