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Doc Martin withdrawal!!

Posted on: August 11, 2010

Soooo hot outside!  I didn’t go anywhere until I was ready for a big chicken, strawberry salad at Panera!  Yummm!

I don’t plan to buy any more groceries since I’m leaving again on Friday.

Spent the day sorting pictures to be scanned, continuing tile floor into laundry room.  It does perk things up!

Confession – Watched a couple more episodes of Doc Martin!!!  I love the show.  It is like having a novel that you can’t put down.  I’m almost to the end of Season 4 and then I have to wait till they film in 2011!!!  It will be an eternity till it is ready for Netflix!  Then they may have it on the Add to your queue button instead of Play instantly! 

Wandered around BN for awhile scouting out any sales.  Great book by Stephen Hawking, but I talked myself out of it.  At least for now.  It is an illustrated double book – “The Universe in a Nutshell”.  I read parts of it and could honestly understand it.  Amazon has it for a song ($1) plus – always more – shipping.  I may buy it but not for awhile! Did find a book of Physics trivia and a calendar/daykeeper for my purse. 

Came home and cut down a small tree.  It would be my first actual felling since I had to cut a notch and then make a back cut.  I left hinges on either side!  It fell with a little assistance from me, just where I wanted it.  It was only a 3″ tree but still my procedure worked perfectly!!!

Cut down many more weeds with electric shearer and was sweating like crazy even though it was about 9pm!

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