Bits of Life

Dremels galore!

Posted on: August 9, 2010

I’ll get to the Dremel’s toward the end. 

Had a terrible night last night – tossed turned, watched  – Doc Martin, played The Firm and then Hunt for Red October.  Finally fell asleep around 5 and woke up at 11.  Not exactly my plan for the day. 

Goes Bump in the Night – Something has recently moved into a space under my house.  I heard it distinctly through the old heating grate by the front door.  Or else something is living behind the piece of plywood leaning on the porch.  That I’d prefer!

Back to the day story – Ate my new granola with a mashed banana and no soymilk.  Yesterday, I used soy milk and it wasn’t bad, it was the slimy texture that was produced with the flaxseed meal and other items in granola.

I’ll get some yogurt and make powerful smoothies! 

Next I walked “uptown” to the car show.  Really cool cars.  Got a diet Dr. Pepper before starting out.  Besides the cars, there wasn’t much going on where the vendors are.  I was surprised by the lack of people.  Only the obligatory “60’s” DJ.  I hear there were a thousand people at the park to see whatever is going on down there.  Big Mistake!

Found a wonderful table of handmade jewelry by 2 Herron graduates.  Bought too much, but got my annual haul of 3 new pair of earrings and 2 necklaces!  They’ll be perfect for Mystic!!

I came home to finish tiling the back room floor and couldn’t find my good knife so I found a razor blade holder exacto knife.  That didn’t last long! Twang went the blade. 

Figured it was time to break out the Dremel I bought several months ago.  After considerable time, I packed it all up and headed for Home Depot for a lesson on how to install the accessories.  It was a simple matter and I should have figured it out, but now I know.  Of course they had 18 gal storage containers on sale for 5 and a hose attachment for 10.   Good bargains and I needed them.  Packing up all my winter clothes. 

This American Life on NPR – great story about some little girls whose mother wouldn’t let them go to Disneyland.  She thought it dangerous.

Back to the tile and the dremel.  Works wonderfully!  The whole floor is nearly finished and then I’m moving things around to make it more presentable.

I love my Dremel!!!  It is so easy, lightweight, and fun to work with.  It will be a fun tool for Simon and then Annalise to use.

Amy said Annalise is saying she wants her Grandma back!!!  That is so sweet!

Stupid fly buzzing through the living room!!

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