Bits of Life

Saturday, Saturday

Posted on: August 8, 2010

I have to repeat these things so I remember what day it is!  HA!

My blood sugar was up this morning, walked all around town surveying the garage sales.  A couple things looked interesting and if they are there tomorrow, I might buy them.

Fixed granola – didn’t have all the ingredients, but it is a start.  Probably will adjust it for next time.  It is a low carb, high fiber one.   Had about 1/4 cup with soy milk. 

Made a soup with barley, carrots, onion, celery, garlic, tomato sauce and pieces.    Had about 1 cup of it. 

Lunch I had dill pickles, cauliflower pices, pecans

tonight my blood sugar was 226.  I’m going to try Felicia’s cardio sprint for 1 minute and then walk for one minute.  She did it 24 times. 

Worked on yucky yard.  Need to plant tomorrow.

Weeds are dying, but I’m going to mow them down.

Neighbor has let everything grow up along the fence – mulberry, pokeweed and that nasty vine.  The morning glory are going to take over the fence soon.  If I can keep it on the fence only! 

Watching Doc Martin.  It is really addicting.  Characters are wonderful.

Schnupp group is headed for Delaware.  Hope they have a good time.  Miss the kids lots.  I’ll head over there next Sunday!

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