Bits of Life

Thunder snoring

Posted on: August 3, 2010

Strangest thunderstorm approaching.   It rumbles, takes  a breath, and rumbles again.  Weather channel says its moving at 45 mph, but from the sounds above it is creeping along.  The town is grey waiting for the approaching storm crouching and snarling at our doorstep. 

It’s 8 30 am – the light is going backwards, it is now darker than when I got up.  Trees are beginning to sway and the rumbling closes in ever so slowly.  It is ominously dark outside and darker in my house. 

Big patches of red swirl on the map in motion.  Inching closer to Colfax. 

Trees are quiet now, waiting.  Intermittent movement in the wind.  Dancers waiting for their final stage call.

8:55 No sounds in the house.  All outside churns.  Rumbling closes in.  Sky lightens.  First lighting flashes, rain pelting, trees dancing,

Better get the buckets under the drips at the front door.

Overhead thunder booms in a circle around the house.  Weather map shows this is only the beginning, but by 9:10 the rain has subsided.  Rumbling continues. 

Drip, drip drops into the bucket.

Rain repeats.  thunder moves on.  Lightning ignites the sky.  Rain incresases.

Drips increase.

9:30 rain gone, sky brightens.

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